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Testimonials for Rita Mertens

Spa Day
I was lucky enough to be referred to Rita by a friend of mine and the treatments were second to none. Rita has an amazing gift of healing and rejuvenation. Admittedly, I am a spa junkie and have had the pleasure of going to many spas all over the country - Rita was one of the best spa experiences I ever had. I was relaxed and glowing. I will most certainly be back for more treatments. I can't wait! Celeste P. -- Wesley Chapel, Florida
European Oxygen Facial Therapy
With Rita's vast knowledge and her attention to detail my face and body is aging like fine wine. After any treatments without all the chemicals in the products she uses, she even touches your soul. I also get such good information to apply in between each appointments. There is no one that can do what Rita does for you. Thanks so much. Sandra K. -- Tampa, Florida
European Oxygen Therapy
When I make an appointment with Rita, I know I'm in for a treat. I have the Oxygen Facial treatment done. She spends two full hours on me. She starts on my face only using the best ingredients. Then she always does extra by massaging my neck and rubbing the pressure points in my feet. She always gives advice on healthy eating and skin care. When I leave Rita's clinic, I feel refreshed and beautiful. I can't say enough about her knowledge she has in what field and how much she cares about her work. She only wants the best for her clients. You're the best at what you do! Thank you! Debbie P. -- Tampa, Florida
Holistic and European Oxygen Facial Therapy
Rita Mertens, who I affectionately refer to as "my holistic therapist", is one of the best in the business. She gives the best facials and advice for upkeep. Whatever my skin requires; she will provide: Extensive extractions, oxygen therapy, natural masking, and vitamin splash sprays. The upkeep extends well beyond facials and topical products. She knows that great skin starts from the inside/out. She not only extensively treats my topical facial issues, but she also has introduced natural remedies to my everyday lifestyle to facilitate improvements throughout my entire body. Not to mention, although I am a School Counselor by profession, Rita has become my unofficial Mental Health Therapist. We share discussions and discover how life stresses and situations can manifest into health issues. As a result, many of her treatments are designed to bring you back to your center: massage, reflexology, proper diet, and use of essential oils. In addition, Rita has extended her services to include therapeutic sauna, body scrubs, and body wraps. Overall, Rita's services rank high among the elite salons in Tampa to maintain overall great health. Check her out; and, believe me, she will not disappoint! Maureen T. -- Tampa, Florida
Alternative Therapy
If someone asked me who has helped me physically the most in my life? It would have to be Rita Mertens. My career in the medical field as an out patient surgery administrator, married to a physician, and having worked in every hospital basically in the Tampa Bay area in some form or capacity. I believe the combination of conventional and holistic medicine are a must. One without the other is not complete. After multiple surgery's which Rita and her Oxygen helped the healing process by weeks and alleviated pain. I currently have shingles and with Rita's kind help have managed to cut the healing cycle in half. Rita has great knowledge and compassion with herbal combinations, reflexology, and basic medical compliance. I have worked with many health care providers and owned my own medical spa. Rita's skin care is above and beyond everything I did or previous treatments. Everything is organic and always reasonable. If you are looking to feel better, look younger, and start the year with a healthy you? My advice is make an appointment and find this out for yourself. I'm a life time patient. I love Rita as a person and therapist. Her reflexology, lymphatic cleanse, and massage are all awesome. My favorite place is Rita's. Try it you will like it. The one thing I suggest to get results you need stay on a regiment and stick with it. It has worked for me and I tell everybody about Rita. Cindy B. -- Tampa, Florida
European Oxygen Therapy and Reflexology
My experience with facials have not always gone well. Since finding Rita, I have a facial at least once a month. Her energy and knowledge provide a strong foundation to healing in any aspect. The oxygen and nutrtional application is extremely beneficial to continuing the healing of numerous skin and health issues. My skin is more moist, has less wrinkles and dimished breakouts from hormonal changes. I have sessions with oxygen for infected areas of the skin or even respiratory issues. Constipation, pain, fatigue, etc. are no match for her wonderful Reflexoloy. I refer my patients to her for their own needs. Elizabeth O. -- Wesley Chapel, Florida
European Oxygen Therapy
Rita gives one of the most dynamic facials I have had in Tampa. She is so well informed about the body and what is the best for it. She has a touch that is brilliant and skilled. The products that are utilized are the highest quality and are imported from Europe and Brazil, where skin care is held in highest regard. Rita has degrees in several different modalities of body and skin care and is very up to date. 5 Stars! ***** !!! Patti W. -- Wesley Chapel, Florida
Trigger Point Therapy
While working in the Hancock Holistic Clinic where Rita has her treatment center, I was lamenting that my ribs were hurting quite badly every time I took a breath. Since I had open heart surgery the summer before, I expected my ribs to bother me for some time, however I still did not expect to still be in pain in October. Rita watched as I breathed and she noticed that my ribs were totally immobile. This of course set me up for continuing pain. Rita worked on me for several sessions and completely restored movement in my ribs and shoulders. Each massage ended a short reflexology session which gave me a much appreciated boost to my healing. Darlene M. -- Tampa, Florida






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