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RESOURCES - Rita Mertens, Licensed Massage Therapist

DNA Testing
IGenesis consists of five modules which deal with the relation between genetics and nutrition. The purpose is to allow for the highest possible personalization of a diet plan which considers both the issues involving ideal weight maintenance and the aspects primarily related to general health and well-being: in this way the five modules are intended to be complementary and mutually endorsing. Click here for DNA Testing Info
Qigong with Jeff Primack
Your solution for stress management, exercise and breathing techniques.  Sign up for classes and events by checking the website.   Click here for Qigong
Raw Fusion Living
Learn to prepare delicious raw fusion foods that satisfy your body and soul, plus the opportunity to take courses and learn self Hypnotherapy for weight control and self growth.   Click here for Raw Fusion Living
Natural News
Keep updated with what is going on around the country. FDA and World news about healthy food production.   Click here for News
Dr. Mercola
Another good source of information for Health, Wellness and general information.   Click here for Dr Mercola
doTerra Essential Oils
Most natural 100% pure graded oils. These oils have the most powerful healing properties. I personally use almost every product they have available. You can get free classes and try all the products. Just contact me about this or check the website.   Click here for doTERRA Essential Oils








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